A resilient industry

Thursday May 14, 2020
A resilient industry

As we wrote in our last blog, we’re proud to be supporting the mobile network operators as they keep the UK connected during the Covid-19 pandemic. This month, we wanted to share what’s happening in the mast industry more specifically.

Chatting to those in the trade, such as our cousins in the US, Vertical Bridge, people are feeling pretty positive about how we’re all dealing with the current situation. New installations have slowed slightly, but not to a worrying degree. And apart from different access processes to take the pandemic into account, it’s almost business as usual when it comes to maintaining sites. It’s heartening to see the ‘can do’ attitude from colleagues and partners as we work together to keep national infrastructure running.

The benefits of automation are certainly making themselves felt. While this is already a direction the industry was headed towards, automation that keeps operations running and allows people to focus on areas where they can add value is a longer-term win-win. 

For example, our Permit Access tool semi-automates operator site access. Rather than multiple calls or emails back and forth trying to coordinate access, operators can simply log into the system and select the access they need. They’re then prompted to upload all the required documentation. After a review from one of our team to make sure everything’s in order, they are then permitted to access the site. The property owner is also automatically informed who is visiting and what they’ll be doing, so they’re prepared from a health and safety aspect. And with no input needed from them, they’re free to concentrate on their core business. 

And finally, the changes in working practices, with many able to smoothly work from home and still monitor operations, could well see this continue in the industry to some degree once a new normal is achieved.

Connectivity will only increase in importance in the future and we look forward to playing our part in keeping the country running.

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