Wireless network infrastructure

We invest with property owners and network operators

We provide rooftop and ground based mast solutions

14004 locations across the UK and Ireland

The SPYDER portfolio can be used for all wireless technologies including but not limited to mobile, WiFi, mobile broadband and microwave links

Understanding the operational requirements of both property owners and network operators is where SPYDER add value

Property owner

For the property owner or developer SPYDER provide a fully managed solution with the emphasis on good design, public relations, health and safety, security and operational needs. SPYDER is the single point of contact for the comprehensive end to end service and continue to maintain an on-going management function.

Network operator

For the network operator we understand the technical and commercial requirements of network development and the SPYDER fully managed turnkey process from design and planning to construction and on-going management, realises the shortest possible timescale from nomination to ready for use.

Site Finder

Site Finder

Radio planners and acquisition professionals can use our Site Finder tool on desktop, tablet or smartphone to match their requirements to our portfolio. Full integration with Google Maps and Streetview allows an immediate desk top analysis to be completed without leaving the tool.

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Permit Access

Permit Access

Permit Access

The SPYDER online Permit Access system allows network operators, their contractors and consultants to quickly arrange access for maintenance and inspection. This eliminates aborted visits, speeds up access to rectify faults and minimises network downtime.